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The ultimate goal of a high-end audio component is to breathe life into a piece of music and convey to the listener the soul of the song.

CEC was established in 1954. It was still a newbie at that time that the field of motors for phono turntables was not yet largely explored.

CEC became the first company in Japan to make turntables. Music enthusiasts highly regarded their products. It was also one of the leading suppliers of CD players and turntables in the consumer field with major brand OEM customers, including Alpine, Grundig, Kenwood, Marantz, Mitsubishi, Sanyo, Sharp, Sony, Teac, Toshiba, etc.

For CEC, the goals have always been clear – to create outstanding, high-end audio products, a vision-oriented policy that has served their customers well. In 2011, the inaugurated a new company building and a new production facility in Japan.

In 1983, the first CEC CD player was introduced. Due to their analog experience, their engineers implemented the belt drive system to CD transports.

In 1991, the world’s first belt-drive transport was born. They continued to develop and refine belt drive CD transports. That way, they were able to maintain music reproduction at its highest level.

Company’s Products


1.     CD Belt Drive

The CEC CD Belt Drive revolutionary three-part chassis suppresses the micro-vibrations and resonances to prevent unwanted jitter in the data stream. The jitter elimination greatly reduces the distortion, hence making the CD sound musical rather than digital. It also uses three spiked feet and rubber damped 3-point suspension.  The CD Belt Drive is available in five types: TL 0-3.0, TL1N, TL2N, TL3N, TL5

2.     CD Player

The CEC CD Player embodies the standard of a new age. All the CD players use proprietary belt drive mechanism to minimize electromagnetic noise and vibration while enabling accurate music reproduction. It is also equipped with a double belt drive system that provides accurate and delicate music production while minimizing the noise contamination. Thanks to its top-loading design, you can use the stabilizer at its maximum stability.

In terms of the performance, the CD Player uses ESS ES9008 DAC Chip, which results in a 24bit/192kHz music signal.  The CD Player is available in three types: CD3N, CD5, CD3800

3.     DA Converter

The DA Converter is available in four types: DA 0-3.0, DA 3N, DA 5, and CD 5- USB SOUND SYSTEM

4.     Amplifier

The Amplifier is available in four types: AMP 5300R, AMP3800, AMP53, and TUBE53a

5.     Headphone Amplifier (HD 53H)

The HD 53N is the only headphone amplifier of CEC. This one offers balanced outputs, thanks to its fully-balanced circuitry from input to output. It also offers clear, high-quality, and low-distortion sound reproduction through LEF (Load Effect Free) and IGM (Intelligent Gain Management). It also combines two 6.4mm output terminals that offer two levels of impedance (10 ohms for standard headphones and 120 ohms for headphones for use with high output-impedance amplifiers.

6.     Accessories

Accessories like wellfload boards, remote controls, and cables are also available.

Specialised Products

Among the many devices of CEC, the one that stands out the most is the CEC DAC-DA 0 3.0. This device accepts signals up to 32 bits and 384 kHz, as well as DSD128 (via USB). Aside from being equipped with several digital outputs, a transformer-coupled output, and a separate power supply, it uses a discrete multi-bit 32/384 DAC.

Added to classical digital inputs such as USB, optical, RCA, and AES/EBU, it also incorporates a Superlink input based on four 75 ohms BNC Cables. It also allows the S/PDIF receiver to synchronize the components of the systems better.

The way this device presents the physicality of bass, drums, trumpet, and vocals, is just incredible. It is even close to the sound of an analog master tape. You can actually feel the sound we know from the live events.

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