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In 1910, Denon was originally established as a part of Japan Recorders Corporation (Nippon Chikunoki Shokai). Denon was a shortened name of Nippon Denki Onkyo Kabushikigaisha, a manufacturer of single-sided disc records and gramophones. The company is involved with electric appliance production and sound systems.

Over the next few decades, several mergers and tie-ins came to Denon. In 1912, it was merged with Japan-US Recorders Manufacturing. In 1928, it was named Japan Columbia Recorders. In 1946, it was named Nippon Columbia.

In 1947, Nippon Columbia merged with Japan Denki Onkyo. In May 2002, D&M Holdings was created when Denon and Marantz Japan merged. Then in 2017, Sound United LLC has fully acquired D+M Holdings.

Currently, the company specializes in consumer and professional home cinema and audio equipment. This includes A/V receivers, Blu-ray players, headphones, tuners, and wireless music systems. The company is also known for removing coil phonograph cartridges and for their famous high-end AV receivers.

In the mid-2000s, the Denon M31 and M30 were the most successful radio hi-fis. These two M-series models received several awards in Europe.

Company’s Products

  • A/V Preamplifiers (DN-500AV, DN-A7100)
  • Accessories (RC-F400S, DN-100PS, Envoi Bag, Envoi Receiver 2, Envoi HL Transmitter, Envoi Mic, and DN-GNB)
  • Analog and Digital Tuners (DN-300H, DN-300DH)
  • A/V Receivers (AVR-3313CIP, AR-3312CIP, AVR-1613P, DN-AVRX3300, DN-700AV, AVR-E400P, AVR-300P)
  • Blu-Ray Players (DBP-2012UDCIP, DBP-1611UDP, DN-500BD)
  • CD Players (DN-C640, DN-C620, DN-C615, DN-C635, DN-501C, DN-500DC, DN-300C, DN-300CR, DN-300R)
  • Integrated Amplifiers (DN-A300M)
  • Mixers
  • Split Mix 6 (DN-306X, DN-306XA, D-508MXA, DN-408X, DN-410X, DN-412X, DN-333XAB)
  • Network Players (DN-700H, DN-V755)
  • Portable PA and Lecterns
  • Dispatch
  • Power Amplifiers (DN-508A)
  • Solid State Audio Recorders (DN-500R, DN-F650R, DN-F450R, DN-300CR, DN-300R)
  • Solution Series/Bluetooth (DN-200WS)
  • Speakers (DN-104S, DN-108S, Envoi Go, DN-306S, DN-308S, DN-506S, DN-508S, Envoi, Delta 10, Delta 12, Delta 15, Delta 15 Sub, Delta 18 Sub)

Specialised Products

Denon is well-known for top-quality home audio products. Their all-in-one, A/V receivers, are no exception. The good thing is you don’t have to spend too much money to get a great-sounding surround controller.

If you’re on a strict budget, it is worth a look for S54BT. But if you can afford it, buying S650H is worth your extra bucks. The S750H and X3500H are on the mid-range options that are ideal for many households well, as long as you do not plan of having 11 or 13 channels.

However, the X4500H is quite costly, but this provides an excellent balance of power and flexibility. The 6500 and 8500, on the other hand, are the super high-end devices that dedicated home theater enthusiasts will surely appreciate. If you want to give an all-out speaker setup, then give this a look.

Denon has HEOS wireless streaming, which makes it easy-peasy to run a multi-room audio system and IP integration that permits you to control the setup through your smartphone.

Audyssey equalizer adjustment is another worth mentioning here. It uses a microphone to listen back to the device’s sound after installation. It will adjust itself accordingly to ensure that all speakers will sound excellent as they can without doing the manual fine-tuning system.

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