In the mid-1970s, a Physics Professor at Tokyo University named Dr Tominari founded the Dynavector. He really had an interest in music. Over the past few decades, he produced some groundbreaking products.

For more than three decades, the company’s moving coil cartridges have been enjoyed worldwide. Thanks to the advanced production techniques, innovative design, and unwavering commitment to the musical source.

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Dynavector 20×2-L MC Phono Cartridge is one of their best-selling products. It plays with precision, speed, wondrous openness, and clarity. This latest version gets serious upgrades yet remains affordable. They always prove their dedication to providing value for every buck you pay.

Other than the solid aluminium alloy body, it shows, the 20×2 also gets a nude mount Micro-Ridge stylus and an upgraded magnet structure. These give a greater sense of naturalness and warmth while continuously opening up the dynamic range for greater subtlety and power.

The company is known for its moving coil cartridges. A moving coil cartridge is an electromagnetic generator that converts the vibration (mechanical movement) into an electrical signal. This, in turn, will be amplified and processed by a sound system for you to enjoy. Compared to moving magnet counterparts, this is more expensive as it is a result of increased difficulty and more precision done in manufacturing. Hence, this is the reason why audiophiles prefer this when it comes to performance.

Dynavector has retained the Flux Damping process on its moving coil cartridges. The magnetic circuit in all the cartridges comprises eight small ALNICO magnetics and has two individual magnetic paths. The front yokes have the magnetic stabilising coils, while the magnetic flux equalising piece is in the magnetic gap. As a result, the magnetic field becomes more linear and homogeneous.

If you are looking for an entry-level cartridge from Dynavector, try the DV10x5 MKII. This is modestly priced but provides high output. The improved stylus assembly and hardened cantilever ensure secure tracking ability over even the most torturous of record grooves while achieving enhanced musical resolution and extended high-frequency response.

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