History Of The Company


It was in 1925 when Luxman started its business. A picture frame company in Osaka, called Kinsuido, made a radio department that later became Lux. The company was the first one to display and sell radio receiving equipment at the stores.

After receiving much information from overseas, he became keen on the technical information of radio then experimented on it. By 1958, the company tried to have better technology to produce excellent radio than overseas’. The company succeeded in developing OY type output transformers.

In 1961, the SQ-5A became a masterpiece of the era. This has gained popularity because of its unique look in the middle of the front panel. After a decade, DIY amps became popular. The company also offered 70 products, which include the turntables, transistor amps, and the vacuum tube amps. The audio systems incorporated designs that made it as lifestyle products.

1980 was the start when Lux featured the Vacuum disc stabiliser. This system made the analogue vinyl record surface stick to turntable without the air gap in between. This also avoids the influence on the warped recorded sound quality.

The 1990s onwards started the Philips CDM-3 mechanism, which eliminated unstable moving parts and the great invention of the double crown IC chip. The Williamson circuitry was also created, which polished the audio quality.

In 1995, the quality of home audio was brought to the car industry through the CM-2100 power amp for in-car audio.

Year 2000s and up became an open field of new music formats such as DVD and SACD audio, motivational audio system for a home theatre playback.

Company’s Products

Throughout time, Luxman has been at the top list of audio manufacturing and have stayed true to their philosophy. Since they developed the products during the 1950s, the traditional looks have not changed, and they maintained this as a part of their iconic legacy. The technology and quality of the company while keeping the same classic designs have made the company the true powerhouse of hi-fi products that they have today.

The Luxman’s Japanese engineering was further showcased in their vacuum tube amplifiers. The LX-380 vacuum tube integrated amp pays homage to the past products. This is design to give you aural enjoyment for delicate soft tones. On the other hand, SQ-N150 can produce puree and warm music reproduction.

The company’s vintage looks, beautiful designs, and unbeatable quality are in their range of amplifiers. Your standard for stereo power amps, USB DAC’s, control amps, phono stages, and headphone amps are surely met.

Specialised Products

Quality of the company’s products is really absolute. For over the last 95 years, Luxman has full control of the products which maintain its design. The L-509X, their flagship amplifier, has all their amplification needs. It boasts an MM/MC phono stage, switchable speaker outputs and tone controls, and a headphone output. On the other hand, the Class A/B L-509X full flagship analogue is one of the best-integrated amplifiers on the market.

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