Ortofon was established in 1918 by Arnold Poulsen and Axel Petersen. It is a Danish manufacturing company of electronic audio equipment. With 500,000 cartridges sold annually, this became the world’s largest producer of magnetic cartridges for phonograph turntables. The company started focusing on sound film technology and began to diversify into gramophone record playback. They also pioneered the use of moving coil technology in phonograph equipment in 1945.

The AB model, Ortofon’s first moving oil magnetic cartridge, was launched in 1947. Due to demand from enthusiasts, the variations of this product are still manufactured today. In 1959, the first Stereo Pick-U SPU was introduced mainly for professionals. The versions of this device were being improved every year, for example, the 1992 SPU Meister and 2015 SPU Meister. During the 80th Ortofon’s Anniversary, the MC Jubilee was introduced. It was the company’s first time to use a metal housing manufactured with metal injection moulding.

In 2000, Johann Bach’s 250th death anniversary, The MC-Series “Kontrapunkt,” was invented. The models were named B, A, C, and H, wherein B has a ruby cantilever. Stainless steel was used for the frame of the housing. The 2009 Cadenza-series became of the successor of these pickups. Last year, 2019, the Anna Diamond was introduced to boasting its diamond cantilever.

Specialised Products

In the Concorde MKII series, there are five moving magnet cartridges. These are the Club, Digital, DJ, Mix, and Scratch. The five different applications all aim for better performance. Though you may have your own preference in regards to what to use, what you can ensure is that all models benefit from a replaceable reinforced finger lift, broadened cartridge bodies, tactile feedback of replacement styli, and unique 2-segment body design.

To differentiate, among all the products, the Concorde MIX offers a budget-friendly yet good quality option cable of all-around performance. The Concorde Club provides the best sound quality and an outstanding platform for archival and sampling for traditional vinyl playback. Boasting excellent groove handling, the Concorde DJ  knows to perfect the accurate sound reproduction.

Meanwhile, the Concorde Scratch allows DJ to achieve extra high output and unprecedented tracking ability. Lastly,  the Concorde Digital offers also the features of Concorde Scratch with a technology designed to minimise errors in decoding and toe extend the life of timecode vinyl.

Ortofon is best known for its moving oil cartridges, innovative cartridges, and modern turntables.

In 2018, MC Century represented state of the art moving oil cartridges. The company’s cartridges have the highest degree of performance in contemporary analogue playback technology. It features Titanium with SLM technique housing and cartridge body, high-performance iron-cobalt alloy magnet system, armature damping system for elimination of unwanted resonance, replicant 100 diamond tracing accuracy, and diamond cantilever for the best possible interface.

In the same year, the Concorde Century Hi-Fi version and Concorde MKII Generation were introduced. There were five models (Club, Digital, DJ, Mix, and Scratch) designed to fulfil the needs of the vinyl DJ.

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