Established in 1986, Shelter has been using traditional manufacturing techniques to manufacture high-end phono cartridges specialised in analogue audio. By skilled craftmanship, all Shelter MC phono cartridges are hand-made at a workshop in Japan and inspected by Yasuo Ozawa himself, the founder of Shelter.

Yasuo Ozawa was fascinated from childhood by the timbre of musical instruments. When he was in junior high school, he designed many tube amplifiers. Due to his interest in developing audio products, he majored in electrical engineering.

In 1972, he joined Fidelity Research and started to work as a phono cartridge designer. He was one of the designers of MC phono cartridges MCX-3 and MCX-5. In 1986, he became independent and had been designing and creating MC phono cartridge throughout his life.

Building his own audio company, Yasuo hopes to become dependent on a place of analogue audio to Shelter’s many enthusiasts. After understanding the high fidelity sound reproduction, the company knows that analogue playback is very sensitive. This is because the sound character quickly changes with only changing the screw that fixes the head-shell and the cartridge. The company realises that its products, especially the phono cartridge, need to maintain the smooth, warmth, and balmy sound character that don’t become weary for many years.

Specialised Products


Shelter 501 Moving Oil Cartridge is one of the unique products that do everything and spectacularly well. It also provides outstanding 3D that brings to life recordings. It also blends its musical reproduction with warm, authoritative bass, deep, mid-range, and smooth top-end. It makes you experience a stage-like feeling when hearing the musical instruments and soulful voices.

It is also excellent at achieving audiophile virtues, neutral tonal balance, and overarching cohesiveness. Adding all these factors (air, focus, extension at both frequency extremes, focus, resolution, and transient speed) together, you have a cartridge that can get you the best performance at this price point.

Shelter MC phono cartridge is divided into two major lines. First is the Ultimate Line, which aims the future of analogue playback and consists of 60t dry-carbon fibre to the housing. The second one is the Legendary Line, which is a mature analogy playback of 80’ s technology.

After almost a quarter of a century, the material structure of the Ultimate Line has been renewed. It adopts the dry-carbon fibre to its housing and succeeds in Shelter’s central motor system. Compared to the conventional 24t dry-carbon fibre, the Ultimate line used 60t class carbon fibre material, which pioneered the use of phono cartridge. Aside from the dry-carbon fibre’s resonance-free, high internal loos and superb shielding effect to external noise, the Shelter Ultimate line reproduces subtle signals with deep quietness.

The Legendary Line, on the other hand, conveys the beauty of analogue’s maturity period to the present day. This line succeeded in the Model 701 series, which was sold in 1986. The sound is a mixture of smooth, gentle, volume, and quietness. Using an aluminium alloy body housing, 0.3 x 0.7 mil elliptical diamond stylus tip, and aluminium-clad boron cantilever, the device can yield flexibility of limitless sound tuning. After three decades, it was able to preserve the esoteric expressive power, which melts the listener’s heart instantly.

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