Stax was a Japanese company founded in 1938. In 1960, twenty-two years later, Stax released SR-1, their first electrostatic ear speaker. In 1993, the company was able to produce a variety of audio products such as ear speaker, CD player, tonearm, DAC, loudspeaker, and phono cartridge.

Two years later, it bankrupted but luckily revived the following year. In December 2011, Edifier, a Chinese loudspeaker manufacturer, announced its 100% equity acquisition in Stax.

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The STAX SR-L300 are electrostatic headphones with a unique look. They are open-back and good for critical listening. These also give a retro feel because of its full rectangular ear cups with a grill design. Another upside of this product is that they have excellent mid and treble ranges. In result, the vocals, leads, and cymbals are reproduced accurately. If you love listening to classical and vocal-centric music, this is a good choice, but opt it out from the list if you want bass-heavy genres like EDM and hip-hop.

Even if their padding on the cups is not very thoughtful, the SR-L300 are comfortable headphones. The strap keeps everything stable, and the entire headphones do not add too much pressure on the head. It is also lightweight and relatively shallow.

The current Stax product lineup consists of seven electrostatic amplifiers, ear speakers, and accessories that include headphone stand and extension cords.

The classic “Lambda” design became the basis of the four models of ear speaker, which are the SR-L300, SR-L300 Limited, SR-L500, and SR-L700.

Five models of the small in-the-ear speaker (in-ear monitor) types were produced. These were the SR-001, SR-001mk2, SR-002, SR-003, and SR-003mk2. The SR-001, SR-001mk2, and SR-002 have a proprietary plug, which is designed for use with its corresponding battery powered by an electrostatic amplifier. On the other hand, the SR-003 and SR-003mk2 have “pro-bias’ plug, which is designed for use with a standalone electrostatic amplifier.

The 4070 is a closed-back electrostatic ear speaker mainly for studio and broadcast use. The SR-009 is the flagship ear speakers, and currently the model in the Omega series.

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